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VR Mergers & Acquisitions is skilled at identifying qualified acquisition parties for the companies we represent.

Whether the transaction involves public or private, domestic or international entities, your decision to have Valued Representation will enhance the chances of a successful transaction.

  • There is more money devoted to buying Mid-Market companies now, than ever before in history.
  • Owners with a planned exit strategy are the primary benefactors of the current M&A activity.
  • There are more funded investors for well-run mid-market companies than there are businesses available for acquisition.
  • Industry, financial and market conditions are causing a surge in mid-market acquisitions.
  • A variety of acquirers have entered the mid-market arena; public and private companies, international investors, private equity groups, family trusts, and high net worth individuals.

Where is the Mid-Market?

VR considers mid-market businesses those that have grown beyond single manager entities to significant regional or even national stature. By our definition, this usually implies value between $3 million and $50 million. Most of the mid-market is made up of businesses built around a single product area and its natural extensions; therefore, they are not usually multi-market companies with a group of divisions. This characteristic means the business is a stand-alone unit that does not lend itself to being sold in pieces.

Who Are the Sellers?

Owners of mid-market enterprises are a variety of personas. Generally, these businesses can be categorized as closely held private, family or founder, or as an independent subsidiary or division of a larger organization. Owners of closely held mid-market companies usually have invested completely in the business, both financially and emotionally, and feel that the sale of their company is a very significant event in their lives. This is distinct from the situations in which the corporate officers of a Fortune 500 company dispassionately execute a strategic shift by a redeployment of global resources. It is important to understand that both types are active participants in today’s mid-market transactions and are dealt with in suitable manners.

Is this a right time to sell?

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