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Entrepreneur Dennis Kula was born in Hawaii and graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of the Pacific in California. While working as a Telecommunications Engineer for Hawaiian Telephone, Dennis started and acquired seven business in the 90’s, ultimately earning himself the SBA Young Entrepreneur of the year award for Honolulu, Hawaii. Chasing the Telecom swell of the late 90’s, Dennis moved to California and ultimately took a promotion to Dallas Texas riding the Telecom roller coaster to a successful IPO with Big Band Networks as an Executive Sales Director. Staying true to his entrepreneurial roots, he has also maintained ownership roles in two family businesses from Hawaii and partnered on a Telecommunications installation Services venture while in Texas. After 15 years of telecommunication sales into Tier 1 carriers Verizon and AT&T (rolling out both the FIOS and UVerse flagship technology platforms), Dennis has decided to move back into small business with VR Business Brokers, where he could leverage his diverse background of sales success and experiences in buying and selling his own business ventures. Dennis was drawn to VR for its international presence, VR’s commitment to their franchisees and his love of business ventures of all types. As noted, Dennis brings a real world background in multiple business models to the negotiation table but specializes in planning business owner exit strategies and maximizing seller value in their transactions. Dennis’ interests include Yacht Racing, surfing, Adventure Travel and Hunting (some working better than others while living in Texas), he is married to Lisa Kula and blessed with a rambunctious 4-year-old daughter named Gisselle. Dennis can be reached via email at [email protected].

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